The Baby Sharon Catastrophic Illness Grant Program

A safety net for families when catastrophic illness strikes.

Welcome to Baby Sharon Fund!

You have reached a site dedicated to helping Arkansas families who have children undergoing a medical catastrophe. This site provides those families an application form to request funds, links to sites providing medical and prescription drug information, housing, transportation and wish fulfillment assistance, and child advocacy services. The Baby Sharon Fund strives to make finding help and helping others simpler. It has the necessary forms to request financial aid from the Catastrophic Health Care Fund and non-financial assistance from volunteers wanting to make a difference in the life of a sick child. Those wishing to help can make an online contribution to the Catastrophic Health Fund. Please open our brochure to read an overview of the program. Also, please feel free to copy and distribute our brochure. We rely on charity and volunteers to run the Baby Sharon Fund and we truly appreciate your help.

Those Seeking Help

If you are in financial distress due to a catastrophic illness involving an Arkansas child under the age of 18, download this form to request assistance.

Those Offering To Help

Financial contributions to the Catastrophic Health Care Fund may be sent to the address posted on the financial contributions page. You may also send money by using the Arkansas Sate income tax check-off box or by clicking the donation button on this website. However you elect to help us, we thank you.

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